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Spectrum Park, Leeds

Spectrum Industrial Park consists of single-storey steel portal frame buildings with two-storey masonary offices at the front corner. An industrial door supplier occupies one of these buildings which in September 2019 suffered a fire causing smoke and heat damage to the metal frame, roof panels and ridge flashing as well as staining of the brickwork. The roof sheeting and purlins were badly fire-damaged in two of the bays, as were the fibreglass rooflights.

The main damage had occurred to the built-up roof system. Hot gases had travelled between the two skins of steel sheeting and into the insulation between, contaminating it. This meant the roofing sheets needed to be stripped back to allow the insulation to be replaced.

Perega attended with a contractor initially to make safe the building. We then carried out a full survey, developed a detailed repair schedule, engaged with contractors and provided project management services through to completion of the work.