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Glass & Façades

Perega is an award-winning market leader in structural glass and cladding design. We work in partnership with architects, glazing contractors and clients to deliver ingenious solutions that add striking and often dramatic features to building exteriors and interiors. We create a distinctive look and feel through innovative designs for elements such as building facades, curtain walling, glass floors, balustrades, and staircases. Drawing on our vast experience, we find aesthetic yet practical solutions to the most challenging design issues.

Perega are also experts in architectural metalwork and designing bespoke components, which often interface with our glass designs. Backed by an in-depth knowledge of building structures, we draw on the latest design and modelling techniques to ensure our designs are safe, sustainable and cost-effective. We provide designs for both new build structures and refurbishment projects including the repurposing and restoration of heritage buildings.

We have vast experience across a wide range of sectors. Our portfolio spans some of the UK’s most iconic retail brands, well-known commercial buildings, educational establishments and prestigious sports stadia, and our glass designs are seen by the millions of people who pass through Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport and St. Pancras station each year.

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