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Embodied Carbon Calculator

We’re empowering our clients to make considered material substitutions during the design phase, without compromising on quality.

Perega's power to reduce your carbon footprint

We’re committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon (NZC) by 2050 and passionate about helping our clients do the same, always looking for ways to engineer a greener future. This includes harnessing the power of the latest innovative, digital technology to shrink our collective carbon footprint, whilst simultaneously delivering exceptional services.

Emphasising this dual commitment to sustainability and skill, we have created an evolutionary carbon calculator. Developed by our Net Zero Carbon Group, the in-house Revit add-in is designed to assess emitted CO2 through sophisticated material data analysis.

Backed by a powerful set of algorithms, the calculator works using advanced scripting software to tap into a vast database of carbon factors in conjunction with the building model, and the materials specified.

From here it creates a comparison between different schemes, and lower carbon options can be easily identified and analysed. Each scheme can be examined, high embodied carbon elements identified and scope for changes and improvement assessed.

The results are then presented in a user-friendly dashboard, giving a concise and informative carbon impact assessment, based on material type and volume specified within the model.

From here, materials can be reviewed, compared and assessed on their embodied carbon and changes made where the design allows.

Our embodied carbon calculator provides a number of benefits:

  • Meeting your targets: Helps you achieve your Net Zero Carbon goals and social value initiatives
  • Drive Low Carbon Design: Compare refurbishment, new build or hybrid possibilities
  • Early impact assessment: Identification of embodied carbon across multiple structural and material options, allowing easy analysis and engagement
  • Focused carbon reduction: Pinpoints carbon-rich elements for targeting
  • Added value: Quantities data produced by Revit model allows design efficiency and cost saving
  • Concise and informative: Data displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard format.

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