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Glass and Facade Engineering

Glass and Facade Engineering

Our specialist glass and facade engineering team have contributed their expertise in glass to many high profile award-winning projects.

Working in partnership with architects and glazing contractors across the UK, we deliver ingenious glass designs that add striking and often dramatic features to building exteriors and interiors.

Spanning the residential, commercial, retail, leisure and education sectors, Perega’s glass and facade engineering team creates a distinctive look and feel through innovative designs for elements such as building façades, curtain walling, glass floors, balustrades and staircases. Drawing on our experience, we find aesthetic yet practical solutions to the most challenging design issues.

We are also experts in architectural metalwork and designing bespoke components – often to interface with our glass designs.

Perega’s extensive glass and facade engineering portfolio ranges from new build and historic buildings to a host of famous venues including the Etihad Stadium, the Imperial War Museum, Dublin Airport and St Thomas’ Hospital, as well as leading high street retailers and universities.


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Perega’s glass and facade engineering services include:

  • Architectural metalwork – bespoke design in all metals, including stainless steel, aluminium, bronze and brass
  • Bolted glass – design and modelling, determining the correct glass specification to prevent failure
  • Balustrading – detailed design analysis of bespoke balustrading to the latest glass design codes
  • Curtain walling – tailored solutions for all curtain walling requirements
  • Glass floors – innovative glass flooring solutions for every type of building
  • Expert advice – helping to resolve a wide range of legal disputes involving the use of glass

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