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Perega is swift to adopt technological innovations; we were one of the first engineering consultancies to adopt BIM and our capabilities have grown over many years. We have invested in external training to ensure our staff are fully proficient in the BIM process. The use of Revit, integrated with our design analysis tools, has provided us with an extremely efficient methodology of model production.

The BIM workflow involves creating and using an intelligent data rich 3D model to inform and communicate project decisions. Perega’s BIM protocols highlight the need for high standards which enhance design, visualisation, simulation and collaboration.

With the government’s level 2 BIM mandate in place, Perega has already delivered several projects approaching this level. We offer our clients engineering design co-ordination, helping you engage efficiently with the construction supply chain while guiding you through complex coordination issues.

Our vision is to continue developing our BIM capabilities with our partners, with a view to achieving the government’s level 3 mandate targeted for 2025.