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Net Zero & Sustainability

Perega is committed to achieving innovative and environmentally sustainable structural engineering solutions for our clients, drawing on the latest developments in research, legislation, and technology.

Caring about the impact projects have on people and the environment

Environmental considerations are a key part of our decision-making process and we work within the framework of ISO 14001 in order to minimise our impact on the environment.

Working in partnership with clients, other professionals and contractors, we pursue designs that achieve environmentally sound and energy-efficient buildings. Wherever feasible we specify the use of sustainable and renewable materials, recycle and re-use materials on-site, and identify ways to reduce the carbon footprint.

There is a significant amount of embodied carbon in buildings, so in the first instance we look at reusing and repurposing the existing building or structure as the most carbon efficient solution. If this not possible re-use of materials is considered wherever possible. As a business over 50% of our work involves the refurbishment, remodelling and repurposing of existing building stock. This can be minor tweaks, major remodelling and extension or beyond that, stripping back and reutilising a frame. We always look for the solution that creates the least impact from a carbon, budget and programme perspective whilst meeting project outcomes.

Our in-house Net Zero Carbon group lead and educate our employees on carbon reduction and have developed a carbon calculation tool which is now available as a service to our clients. To find out more, click here.

To reduce the strain on resources, we promote a wide variety of alternative sustainable urban drainage techniques. We also advise clients on less traditional methods of surface water management, such as the use of rainwater harvesting and the incorporation of living roofs and walls.

In addition, we are signatories of Engineers Declare, a declaration of our planet’s environmental crises and a pledge to take positive action in response to climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse.

To constantly pursue ever higher standards of sustainability, Perega commit to:

  • Incorporate environmental management procedures into all business decisions.
  • Design energy-efficient and environmentally sound buildings.
  • Minimise waste through reuse, recycling, and recovery.
  • Use sustainable goods and services whenever feasible.
  • Measure, evaluate and improve our environmental and Net Zero Carbon performance.
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Be Net Zero Carbon by 2050.