8th November 2023

Perega becomes affiliate member of ARCO

We are pleased to announce Perega’s affiliation with the Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO), the representative body of the retirement community sector.

An association which exists to transform the perception of retirement living in the UK, ARCO aims to raise greater awareness around the advantages of integrated retirement living, especially the social aspects of living with other like-minded people and the connection that they have with the surrounding community. Integration of support and care, as well as dedicated facilities including gyms, cafes, restaurants, spa facilities and hairdressers, are also of vital importance, fostering a holistic approach to later-life living.

Integrated retirement living has been proven to have several added societal benefits. Firstly, it can help ease pressure on the housing market, freeing up much-needed family housing stock, and allowing upward progression for those in the chain below. Moreover, the opportunities for socialisation and greater activity, alongside the integration of in-house support and care within these communities, have led to an impressive 38% reduction in healthcare costs.

Having established a specialism within this niche over the past few decades, joining ARCO gives us a fantastic chance to gain additional knowledge and insights as well as form new partnerships. This will be invaluable in enhancing our reputation for providing best-in-class engineering services to developers.

Through active participation at ARCO conferences and network events, we can better understand and address residents’ concerns, thereby building a wealth of knowledge and expertise to better cater to our clients.

With around 70,000 Integrated Retirement Community units, accommodating just over 90,000 older people, and major new developments expected across the UK, we hope our collaboration with ARCO will significantly strengthen our capabilities in this exciting sector.

Rachel Davis, Director at Perega says, “Perega teaming up with ARCO is all about changing how we see retirement living in the UK. As we work towards ARCO’s inspiring vision of 250,000 individuals residing in Integrated Retirement Communities by 2030, we’re committed to delivering excellent engineering services and ensuring that our projects reflect the utmost standards of quality and innovation.

At Perega, we are enthusiastic about the strides ARCO is making to drive industry changes. We look forward to continuing to provide exceptional engineering solutions to care for the golden generation.”

To find out more about Perega’s work in the retirement living sector click here.