12th November 2016

Thomasons supports new ground-floor Accessories departments at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge

As part of our ongoing relationship with Harvey Nichols, Thomasons is providing structural engineering expertise to renovate the luxury retailer’s flagship store in Knightsbridge, creating an unrivalled retail experience for its customers.

The latest phase of the renovation has seen the ground floor of the store transformed with a new look unveiled for the Jewellery and Designer Accessories department in November, following the opening of the Beauty Lounge and new beauty space in the summer and autumn of this year.


The design concept has created a sophisticated and elegant interior akin to a luxury fashion boutique, with open space to let in more natural light.

Two significant existing load-bearing walls, which provided stability to the building, were removed to enhance the sense of space and provide open vistas. This required installing a large steel frame to support the upper five storeys and the work was carried out within a limited space, because of the phased renovation of each section of the department.

Floor strengthening work was undertaken following a load assessment of the individual sales units.


Our engineers also continued work on the new stair core which is being installed floor-by-floor as each stage of the refurbishment is completed to ensure stability is maintained.

Thomasons will continue to support Harvey Nichols in its journey to renovate the Knightsbridge store. Working on a historic building is a challenge and the essential next step of the plan is largely structural.