28th March 2019

Perega fashions Primark fit-out

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, pressure is on retailers to reinvent the in-store experience to include more than merely purchasing product. As the newest Primark outlet was being planned, this was a major consideration. Opening on 11th April, the Birmingham store has something for everyone.

Beyond its regular offering of clothing, accessories and homewares, it will also invite shoppers to grab a coffee, sit down for a meal, or even get a makeover or haircut. To top it off, children will enjoy visiting the Disney café (the only one in the country that’s not in a Disney store).

In order to offer such a wide range of amenities, the outlet is 160,000 sq. ft., surpassing Manchester’s Market Street store to be the world’s largest Primark yet. To help ensure a positive experience for shoppers, Perega were appointed as structural engineers for the building’s fit-out, including escalators, lifts and even nail bars.

This project is exceptional for its additional concessions, which proved somewhat challenging at times. Fixtures, fittings and furniture are not typical parts of a Primark fit-out, nor were the proposals given to Perega run-of-the-mill. A nail bar that appears to float, for example, required some careful engineering.

Perega Director David Manion comments: “It’s exciting to see this different approach being taken with the Birmingham store. It reflects a real, and necessary, investment to appeal to the changing desires and habits of 21st century shoppers.”

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