25th June 2024

Perega are perfectly suited for Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is one of the world’s most famous premium fashion houses, having recently undergone a successful brand refresh which ushered in a new era for the company’s two distinct brands: HUGO and BOSS.

Of course, this exercise extends across every aspect of the business, including its retail assets, which need to be completely overhauled to reflect the new look and feel. Often this type of project requires significant structural works to accommodate the interior and exterior refit, as well as any temporary installations.

Looking for an engineering firm with extensive experience in the retail sector, Hugo Boss turned to Perega. Our history with the company made us ideally placed to help, with our team providing structural design consultancy for the reimagining of its Westfield White City store and new store at Bluewater Shopping Centre. Both stores were developed with architects DB3 Architecture & Design, who we also have a longstanding history of projects with.

At White City, we worked on the store’s façade, drawing up a strategy to facilitate the movement of the store’s entrance. Commissioned in the late summer of last year, our engineers carried out an in-depth study of the existing structure, determining the most efficient, cost-effective and least disruptive way to achieve the desired outcome without extensive alterations. We managed to retain all of the existing structure, only introducing minimal new elements.

Meanwhile, the new store at Bluewater is a work in progress, requiring a more comprehensive engineering approach. We visited the site last November, with our initial design aiming to achieve a clean, uncluttered look where the structural elements are cleverly concealed above sight lines.

Here, the challenge was to ensure the storefront’s structure is completely invisible, integrating support within the bulkhead to maintain the aesthetic integrity of the design. This demanded sophisticated engineering solutions to guarantee both form and function, reflecting Hugo Boss’ quality-first ethos and uncompromisingly high standards.

Project lead and Perega Associate Sam Coleman says, “Perega has a long-standing relationship with Hugo Boss, having previously worked on their flagship store on Oxford Street and another significant project at Battersea Power Station. This continuous collaboration underscores our ability to adapt and innovate in the fast-evolving retail sector. It’s great to contribute to the evolution of such a renowned brand, ensuring their stores embody the sophistication and modernity of their products.”

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