16th October 2020

Three cheers for Perega!

Sunday 18th October is a special day for Perega, as it marks our first anniversary since we took the decision to rebrand after 73 successful years in business under the Thomasons Ltd moniker.

With a new, dynamic and vibrant corporate brand identity, the change embraced a refreshed direction as we looked to an exciting new decade ahead, strengthening focus on our employees and clients.

Building on the then-recent move to an Employee Owned Trust (EOT), the new name, reinvigorated identity and conscientious philosophy positioned us on a strong footing; ready to face the challenges and opportunities 2020 had to offer.

There’s no doubt it’s been an interesting year so far, and the unusual circumstances have put Perega and our new focus to the test.

As Fraser Robb, our managing director, says, “Encouragingly, a year on, the Perega brand and overall organisation have proven their resilience, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We’re always seeking out new opportunities to share our skill and expertise as well as building on existing relationships to ensure our continued success.”

“The difficult circumstances of the last year and the way the team and clients have responded is a true vindication of our decision to refresh the brand and embark on a new chapter of the business.”

There are many highlights to choose from Perega’s first year, from the structural, civil and glass engineering design input  provided on The Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) to our ongoing work with world -leading brands including Adidas, Selfridges and Primark, helping them to overcome their engineering challenges.

Always looking for solutions, COVID-19 will not stop us from celebrating this milestone in style. To commemorate the anniversary, the whole organisation will be taking part in a fun filled afternoon of mystery, intrigue and espionage, taking on the role of MI5 agents to seek out a rogue operative through clue finding and evidence analysis, via a virtual ‘escape-room’ style event.

As Fraser concludes, “Of course, with the threat of another lockdown looming large, it was going to be hard to get everyone together in one room to celebrate. However, we wanted to do something to recognise our amazing team, the occasion and also have a bit of fun at a time when everyone needs some light relief. As a company full of problem-solvers, I look forward to seeing how our staff use their analytical skills and intuition to smoke out the mole.”