18th October 2019

Thomasons Ltd unveils new name & brand identity

Today, Thomasons Ltd, award-winning structural and civil engineering practice, changes its name to Perega after 72 years in business. Accompanied by a new corporate brand identity, the change embraces a new direction in the company with a strengthened focus on our employees and clients.

Conceived in partnership with brand and creative consultancy Urbane, the new name and identity build on the momentum of our recent move to become an Employee Owned Trust.

Prior to our rebrand, Perega operated in tandem with Thomason Partnership. However, as we take a different direction focusing more on our people and the future, we felt it was right to develop our own clear identity within the market.

Perega retains the same team of experienced engineers, continuing to offer comprehensive engineering services to a range of sectors, including healthcare, education, retail, commercial and residential.

The new name Perega takes its inspiration from the Latin words for ‘team’ and ‘experts’, the overall whole meaning ‘with family’ in Estonian, linking the business back to its heritage and to the future as a collaborative and empowered Employee Owned Trust.

Fraser Robb, Managing Director, says: “With foundations as a family business, we deeply value the people who make up Perega, including our team and our clients. We wanted to combine our history with a forward thinking approach. That’s what this change is really about: ensuring the longevity, independence and reputation of the business so it can continue to provide high quality services.

“We recognise the benefit of encouraging and nurturing our people to help make the business better, rather than assuming the directors have all the answers. As such, we worked on improving communication, engagement and management. Becoming an Employee Owned Trust feels like a natural next step.”

Andy Freeman, Creative Director at Urbane, said: “Working closely with key stakeholders we quickly identified the passion, expertise and collaborative spirit that already existed in the business. We wanted to create a brand that was positive and optimistic, and one which the business could collectively own. Perega is the result of collaboration and a team that all along were open to new ideas and change. We think the results are exciting, and we sincerely believe Perega have a bright future.”