17th March 2021

No Corners Cut for Wendy’s UK Re-launch

Following an almost 20-year hiatus, Wendy’s, the legendary US fast food chain, famed for its ‘no corners cut’ approach, is returning to the UK, reacquainting the British public with its signature square burgers.

To help establish its foothold in the country’s highly competitive hospitality market, the brand approached Perega to provide structural engineer consultancy for a number of proposed outlets nationwide. These range from standalone, out-of-town structures to refurbishment of existing retail units.

Our team possesses an unrivalled understanding of the various requirements, specific to the grab-and-go market, having worked previously on multiple Starbucks and Pret a Manger sites. As such, they were able to work with the essential flexibility and agility required when working on these types of projects.

Headed up by Director, Rob Barnes, our engineers offered structural advice and design work for a variety of different locations, ranging from a former high street bank to a brand new, modular structure.

One particular area of focus, consistent across each site, was the careful planning of high-performance drainage systems. Fast food outlets produce higher than average quantities of wastewater due to the nature of their business, compared to other retail sites, so this was a key consideration in the overall design.

The ongoing project will cover a number of outlets across the UK, with the majority set to open later this year.

Commenting on the project, Rob says, “Working with such an iconic brand like Wendy’s is a great opportunity for the team to showcase its vast range of skills and experience in the retail market. Each site is different and requires its own nuanced approach.

“Although there were not great challenges faced, it was an interesting experience to conduct all meetings remotely, where previously there would be an element of face-to-face. However, we have still been able to collaborate with the Wendy’s team efficiently and effectively. We look forward to working on future outlets over the course of the coming years.”

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