17th June 2021

Perega Sets the Standard with New Platform for Hospital Design

As UK construction ramps up to deliver 40 new hospitals in the next decade, building at pace will be essential.

Fortunately we already have the tools and methods to achieve this. As specifiers embrace modern methods of construction (MMC), the design of contemporary ward and theatre spaces has simplified. Now, in many instances, these units only require a standard configuration with predefined space requirements.

Much of this has arisen from ProCure 22 (P22), the Department of Health and Social Care’s Construction Procurement Framework for the delivery of NHS capital schemes.

Essentially, ProCure 22 (P22) aspires to streamline design input and realise efficiencies, through volume manufacture of standardised components.

Supporting these forward-thinking aims, Perega has teamed up with VINCI Construction UK, Murphy Philipps Architects and Troup Bywaters + Anders to develop a Standard Platform for use in the hospital design. Crucially, this new platform reduces design and clinical stakeholder time and cost while supporting timely delivery.

Operating on a simple framework, it uses the P22 evidenced-based Repeatable Rooms to create standardised layouts that fit within a standard structural grid. Alongside ensuring clinically compliance, these uniform designs deliver structural efficiencies and accommodate MMC modular techniques.

P22 platform for healthcare buildings

Capable of accommodating multiple MMC and componentised frame solutions, the Standard Platform supports the UK Government’s Construction Strategy 2025 cost and time saving targets, and the drive to Net Zero 2050, through design and material selection.

Highlighting the importance and potential of the proposed platform, our abstract was selected for presentation at the 7th European Healthcare Design 2021 Congress (EHD).

Held virtually from 14-17 June 2021, the event’s theme this year was ‘creative destruction: design innovation in the face of existential threats’. Our very own Steve McSorley presented alongside Alan Kondys (VINCI Construction UK & IHP), Clive Guyer (Murphy Philipps) and Naddy Parperi (TB+A) today in Stream 12: Intelligent Design and Innovation.

Commenting on the platform, Steve McSorley says: “There are a great deal of effective solutions available to support standardisation in healthcare construction. This is the next step in bringing them together in a practical, affordable way for built environment professionals to access with ease, increasing efficiency and lowering cost in the construction journey.

Steve McSorley

“Our hope is this platform will encourage further engagement with manufacturers of componentised MMC and OSM solutions, opening up even more opportunity to realise a broader range of healthcare designs at pace.”