1st February 2024

Successful completion of remedial works on façade

When a segment of a spliced toughened glass fin gave way in a recent storm, our highly experienced glass and façade team was assigned the responsibility of delivering engineering design services for the necessary remedial works on Stuart House, Peterborough.

Our connection with Stuart House goes back some years, having previously provided a design review on some proposed and partially installed screens in 2015. We were then appointed again in 2017, initially to provide an independent review and inspection of the installed screens, and then to provide additional design works and engineering support services.

Fast forward to the end of 2023, the team was brought back after a storm exposed weaknesses in the bolted glass entrance screen, which comprised the revolving door and the single pass door unit below.

The challenge lay in its impressive height of nine metres, featuring glass fins that support the entire glass façade. These fins, reaching the same towering height, are divided into four sections and connected by plates on either side through splicing. During the storm, the robust winds proved too much for a segment of the fin, prompting the decision to replace the screen.

Following a meticulous assessment, the team pinpointed components requiring replacement and enhancement to meet the current specifications. The result is impressive 900-millimetre-deep fins. The only element preserved from the original screen is the ground-level glazing, which includes the revolving door cassette. Everything above that has undergone a transformation, with new panels and glass support fins.

That was not all, further issues emerged during the design review. The existing façade struggled to accommodate the building’s natural movements, and the steel beam at the head wavered under the added weight of the deeper fins.

To rectify this the team designed customised bracketry to provide ample support for the increased movement of the deeper fins, showcasing intricate details in the pocket design and notched fins.

Simultaneously, maintenance and cleaning of the west entrance took place, all while ensuring minimal disruption to the building’s tenants and operations, which remained fully operational during the project.

Rob Parsell, Associate and lead on the project commented, “Facing each challenge head-on, our glass and façade team devised innovative solutions at every turn. It was a pleasure to once again provide engineering services for the Sycamore Square Group.”

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