14th October 2021

One Name, One Perega

The coming days mark a big milestone in our journey, one which started over 74 years ago. In 2010, after over 60 years in business, we became a limited company, setting into motion a series of events which would lead to an exciting, and successful, rebrand accompanied by a move to become an Employee Owned Trust.

Now, nearly two years on from launching our new identity, we’re completing the journey of embracing our culture as ‘One Perega’. To this end, our talented glass and façade engineering team, Perega Clear Structures, will be dropping its sub-brand identity to trade with the rest of the company under Perega.

In the lead up to the brand consolidation, we reflected on our visions and values as a company. This imminent change will help us live our vision, and illustrates one of our core principles: collaboration.

Perega's core principles

While the team’s name is changing, the premium level of service it delivers is not, and we will continue to provide our valued clients with high-quality, accessible expertise.

Fraser Robb, Perega’s Managing Director, comments: “Collaboration and teamwork have been at the heart of our rebrand and shift towards ‘One Perega’. From engaging with employee working groups to improve internal processes and inform the rebrand to the change to an EOT, we’ve prioritised engagement to involve everyone in their business. Operating under a single name illustrates the unity of our collective drive and vision.

“Perega Clear Structures has always been an integral part of this company. I’m pleased that this will now be more strongly reflected in our shared name.”

For more information, visit our ‘Glass and Façade Engineering Services‘ page.