16th November 2023

Engineering Dublin’s Skyline

The Heysham is one of the latest additions to Dublin’s iconic Dockland district. An ambitious retrofit of a 19th-century warehouse, it’s breathing new life into one of the neighbourhood’s best-recognised buildings.

A ‘Grade A’ 9-storey office development, 73 North Wall Quay was commissioned by Fusion Investments Limited. Mahoney Architecture was brought onto the project, tasked with retaining as many of the buildings’ original features as possible, whilst bringing the space up to present-day standards. Our client, BGFS, brought our expert glass and façade team onboard to help deliver the architect’s vision; a finished space to seamlessly evoke the old and the new, paying homage to Dublin’s rich industrial heritage whilst catering to the requirement of contemporary commercial development.

Perega played a vital role in the design of the 2nd and 3rd-floor glass and curtainwall cladding, the 4th to 8th-floor glass façades, the projecting aluminium cladding elements and the 8th-floor external glass balustrades. our team also conducted a wind load assessment to address the meteorological challenges presented by the building’s dockside proximity. They quickly identified the wind pressures on the West and East faces of the building would pose a significant risk of  wind funnelling effects caused by the adjacent buildings

However, our meticulous design process effectively mitigated these concerns using industry-recognised finite element analysis software to design the 3.2m high insulated glass units.

Going further, the IGUs from level 4 upwards were supported top and bottom in aluminium transoms and structurally bonded along the vertical edge to create unrestricted floor-to-ceiling riverside views.

The building’s sawtooth glazing from level 4 upwards not only boosts visual appeal but also increases the influx of natural light and reduces glare in the office’s interiors.

This is not the first time our glass engineers have worked in this area, having already played a key role in the construction of the nearby Mayson Hotel, an earlier development as part of the ongoing North Way Quay regeneration.

Arriving on the project in 2019, similar to our work on the 73 North Wall Quay, we oversaw comprehensive cladding works to mitigate wind pressures, encompassing the design of all cladding, support brackets, the balcony and rooftop balustrades.

Barry Patrick, an associate at Perega, “73 North Wall Quay captures where history meets innovation. Our team’s dedication ensured that every detail not only met standards but also added to the building’s charm and functionality. Our prior work at the neighbouring Mayson Hotel cements our expertise in this ever-evolving Dockland area.”

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Photos courtesy of Mahoney Architecture.