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The Heysham, Dublin

Client: BGFS

Architect: Mahoney Architecture

Contractor: Pure Construction

The Heysham, one of the latest additions to Dublin’s iconic Dockland district, is an ambitious retrofit of a 19th-century warehouse. A ‘Grade A’ 9-storey office development, the project team were tasked with retaining as many of the buildings’ original features as possible, whilst bringing the space up to present-day standards.

Our glass and façade team were brought on-board by BGFS to help deliver the architect’s vision; a finished space to seamlessly evoke the old and the new, paying homage to Dublin’s rich industrial heritage whilst catering to the requirement of contemporary commercial development.

Our team played a vital role in the design of the 2nd and 3rd-floor glass and curtainwall cladding, the 4th to 8th-floor glass façades, the projecting aluminium cladding elements and the 8th-floor external glass balustrades. We also conducted a wind load assessment and our meticulous design process effectively mitigated any risk posed by meteorological challenges by using industry-recognised finite element analysis software to design the 3.2m high insulated glass units.

The building’s sawtooth glazing from level 4 upwards not only boosts visual appeal but also increases the influx of natural light and reduces glare in the office’s interiors.