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Reed’s School, Cobham

Client: Reed’s School

Architect: IID Architects

Contractor: Lifebuild Solutions Ltd

Value: £2.6 million

Reed’s School was originally established as a charitable foundation in 1813, offering care and education for orphans in London. They moved to their current site in 1946 and in the 1960’s expanded, taking on fee-paying students to support their charitable work. Perega has undertaken numerous civil and structural engineering commissions for them including extensions, remodelling and drainage design.

The largest project was the internal remodelling and two-storey extension to the Bridgeman Building to provide an additional eight classrooms and two laboratories. The design required removal of existing walls, a new staircase, steel frame design for the extension and redesign of below ground drainage. The extension includes full height glazing providing striking externals, light classrooms and views of the surrounding woodlands.

The latest project at the Barnett Suite remodels the existing space to expand the classrooms and provide a new server room, as well as replacing the existing roof and lantern roof lights with a more sustainable option.