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Munton’s Plc, Bridlington

This site comprised numerous buildings and silos, used in the production of malted ingredients for the food and drinks industry, and operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In 2018 a fire occurred in the screening building where cubing is carried out, this abuts the rear of the malt building containing screening, bin storage and dispatch of goods.

The fire caused significant damage to the asbestos cladding and roof sheeting of the screening building and the adjacent building. From 5m above ground floor level, the steel members of the screening building were significantly damaged and had deformed due to heat. All the plant supported by the steel frame had also been significantly damaged by fire and the walls of the storage bins adjacent had also deformed from the heat. The damage meant the screening building required complete demolition and rebuilding.

Perega was instructed by the insurer within a few days of the fire where we carried out a detailed inspection to identify the extent of the damage and produce recommendations for repair ,including estimated costs. We provided project management to develop the specification, go to tender for contractors, review returns and monitor on site activities. We also provided contract administration and CDM coordinator through to the completion of the project.