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Dublin Airport, Ireland

Client: Dublin Airport Authority

Glazing contractor: Glassolutions

Perega was commissioned by glazing contractor Glassolutions to design the glazed lift shafts for Dublin Airport’s Terminal 2.

The terminal was the centerpiece of a five-year transformation programme to upgrade and modernise facilities at the airport. It makes extensive use of natural light and is designed as a modern, user-friendly environment for passengers.

Perega provided the design for a triple lift block and a two-story double lift block, which involved designing both the steelwork support structure and the glass cladding elements. The lift shafts are located under the highest point of the terminal’s iconic vaulted roof. In light of the potential defections of the roof, the shafts were designed to be essentially free-standing above the floor slab.

The steel support structure is made up of cold-formed hollow sections which cantilever from the main spine SHS columns and are supported on tension wires at transom junctions. The glass cladding is a toughened glass laminate that is supported in the glazing channels and sealed with structural silicone.

The glazed walkway bridges, which provide access to the lifts from the adjacent floor, are articulated to accommodate the movements of the building structure.

Working as part of a team with the airport site engineers and lift contractors, our engineers ensured that the required elements of the design and site tolerances were achieved and incorporated in the design package.