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Chantry Quarry, Guildford

Client: Latchmere

Architect: Brookes Architects

Value: £12.5 million

Chantry Quarry is a collection of 15 luxury four-bedroom homes in a prestigious residential area in Guildford, built within the challenging confines of a disused chalk quarry.

Perega was responsible for the structural design of the buildings, infrastructure and off-site highway works. The design work responded to the specific challenges presented by the quarry location. Success depended on close teamwork with the architects, planning and highway authorities and the Environment Agency.

To achieve access to the site, Perega worked with the local highway authority to realign the existing carriageway in order to achieve the necessary visibility splays and to protect vehicles on the busy main road below the site entrance.

This unique site required a wide range of slope and cliff stabilisation techniques, including rock netting, reno mattresses, crib walling, king post/panels and large conventional, though waterproof concrete walls. The on-site infrastructure was designed to address the steep gradients of the site and provide safe access to the residential plateau.

For the buildings, Perega and the architect successfully shared a Revit 3D software (BIM) model and Civils 3D was used to integrate the complex external works levels and drainage requirements into the Revit 3D building model.

The houses and their external terraces were designed to maximise views of the woodland and the River Wey beyond. Each home uses on-site renewable energy and other sustainable measures including rainwater collection, low energy lighting, heat recovery ventilation and retractable canopies.

Surface water drainage is disposed via soakaways and foul drainage is treated on site before being discharged into the underlying chalk.

The Quarry won four awards in the International Property Awards 2014:

– Best Architecture Multiple Residence, UK
– Best Residential Development, Surrey
– Best Architecture, South East
– Best Interior Design Show Home, South East (Highly Commended)

The judging panel described Chantry Quarry as “…a brilliant development set in a challenging site.  Superbly detailed and expertly handled contemporary design.” It was also described as “…an interesting development that has made every effort to blend into, as well as complement, its unusual setting.  Well planned and set out with high quality building materials and interior finishes.”  

The scheme also won a prestigious Guildford Design Award.